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Want to Sell Your House This Fall?

Want to Sell Your House This Fall?

RCbwheaddrawing2Here are some tips for showing your home in autumn.  Inspired by some tips originally collected by Michele Dawson of Realty Times, I have abridged them and added some of my own tips.  Fall is a crucial time for your home to show well – while the market typically slows, those buyers who are looking are definitely keen on buying before the end of the year.  Making sure your home shows better than the next is really important.

  • A home shopper’s first impression is everything. The moment they pull up to the curb, they’ll make an instant judgment. You’ll want to be sure it’s positive. You can begin by making sure leaves are raked, and your shrubs and bushes are pruned. Make sure your walkway is free of leaves and debris and trim trees so unexpected winds don’t knock down branches that could damage your home or hurt anybody.
  • Make an Entrance. If it is rainy, be sure you have a good doormat so all potential buyers can wipe their feet and not traipse mud and water through the house. If you already have snow, be sure you clear the front walkway to the door. And if you have stairs leading to your front door, make sure they’re not icy. Maybe even hang a festive fall wreath on your door – it shows that you care a little more.
  • Keep the house warm. Entering a cold house could leave an unfavorable impression. Instead, set the thermostat at a comfortable temperature. Remember, the damp fall weather can bring out offensive odors that may come from cigarette smoke or pets. If necessary, hire a cleaning service and/or bake an apple pie.
  • Create vistas.  Always important, no matter what time of year, to let the light in. Open blinds and curtains so plenty of light illuminates the home’s interior. Make sure your windows are clean, and make sure the back yard isn’t covered in leaves. Also, try to make it look as child-friendly as possible so potential buyers can envision what the space will look like for their own children.
  • Don’t get carried away with Fall colors or decorations.  If you’re thinking about touching up the paint on your walls before you put your home on the market, keep the colors neutral and light. A light yellow or beige will make the room feel cooler than a brick red.  And although Michele Dawson recommended baking apple pies and decorating with seasonal centerpieces and pumpkins, I would err on the side of caution. It could end up as tacky as a seasonal sweater…


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