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-1My great friend Ellie Rines has passed along to me an intriguing invitation to the opening of her current exhibition, “Leo Fitzpatrick NAG NAG NAG,” which runs through November 2nd. For the New York art crowd, or anyone with mobility or access to get themselves down to Gansevoort Street, it is a storefront space, and the show is fully visible from the sidewalk at all hours. Please walk by 55 Gansevoort the next time you are in the meatpacking district.  The show has had recent press in ARTINFO and THE NEW YORK OBSERVER.

Gansevoort Street was for a time my home away from home in New York.  Of course, when I was in New York, the trendy zinc-faced Hotel Gansevoort was just erected, and was the subject of much debate and speculation.  As it’s voluminous Miami-esque Stephen Jacobs-designed form threatened what some people considered the local charm, a debate ensued that – in the words of a Times article from 2002 – “began as a low-key investigation of warehouses and blood-soaked Belgian blocks. . . [and] quickened into a race that pits preservationists against developers.”  You can read more about my nostalgia for my favorite pre-Hotel Gansevoort hot spot in my blog post here.

Go see Ellie’s show, and if you’re like me and haven’t frequented this neighborhood since the Hotel Gansevoort’s rooftop pool lounge overshadowed some of the lower-to-the-ground offerings, take a trip down memory lane and take in some of the provocative and current scene there.

For more information visit Ellie’s site.


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