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Welcome: A Toast!

Welcome: A Toast!

New_Years_ToastI am happy to announce my new, redesigned and re-purposed site! Four years ago, I welcomed you to Proper Philadelphia, an online source for social and cultural news. Covering the corridor from Princeton to Wilmington, our publication highlighted the goings on of Philadelphia’s most philanthropic, fashionable, and civic-minded people – the folks rallying to bring great art to our city, to improve the quality of life, to conserve our land, and to keep landmarks and culture alive here.

While I spent many evenings covering the glamorous (or the calamitous) for sport, I was also developing my own career and cultivating an expertise in real estate, architectural history, and the arts – writing, researching, designing, and representing clients in marketing and selling fine properties.

RCATLEE.COM will continue to provide readers of my blog Proper Philadelphia with the finest in arts and cultural news, a monthly social calendar, and event coverage, as well as lifestyle and luxury real estate news and information.  My goal is to share the most relevant in arts & culture, lifestyle, and real estate news, and curate the best body of knowledge, expertise, and inspiration that I can offer.

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R.C. Atlee
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An Unconventional Toast: Artist Tom Dixon’s series of La Comete light installations are the result of his partnership with Veuve Clicquot.  The geometric lighting fixtures are designed and fabricated from the champagne maker’s signature yellow boxes.

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